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Dec 5, 2019

This solo episode is about setting intentions, vision boarding, manifesting and closing out this decade. It offers tips for ending this decade on a high note as well as perspective on how to prepare for the next one.


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Website: Pursuit of Alignment

Instagram: @pursuitofalignment

Nov 6, 2019

In this solo episode, I get transparent about patterns not only within my familial unit but challenges that seem to affect families on a generational level. One of the reasons why the current movements associated with sexuality and race are coming to the surface is because energetically it is time for a release of...

Oct 22, 2019

In this solo episode, I share my relationship experiences and how those experiences have impacted my alignment with my purpose. How my relationships have been the breadcrumbs and provided a safe space for me to become this version of myself. I also talk about how I started to notice that I was attracting specific types...

Sep 11, 2019

In this solo episode, I share my struggles with falling in and out of alignment with my purpose. There are many everyday distractions as well as just living that can impact our ability to stay focused. I share how a recent project I was working on left me feeling very drained, out of sync and unmotivated. I share...

Aug 27, 2019

In this episode, I chat with multi-passionate Creative Director, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Jeremie Charitable Foundation Sasha Revolus. Sasha dubbs herself a Productive Dreamer, because she is creative, free-spirited, and structured so she knows how to bring dreams into reality. She runs four businesses and...